Gwandian Ne Housefull 4 Hindi Movie Songs Mp3 Download

Gwandian Ne Zora Randhawa Housefull 4 2019 Hindi Movie Audio Songs Mp3 Download

Gwandian Ne Zora Randhawa Housefull 4 2019 Hindi Movie Audio Songs Mp3 DownloadSongs in Indian movies are often more than just a musical soundtrack. They embody something, define something. Most hit songs transcend their respective movies. The hold lots of emotional value. Some may even resonate with generations of their corresponding era.
Some songs are played in movies are originally local lyrics which have been modernized and adapted into films. These music are special because they have a strong root heritage. ‘Gwandian’ is such a song.
Originally an old Punjabi song, it has been remade to match the new age music tastes. Sang by Zora Randhawa and Dr. Zeus, the title was an instant hit. Alongside the track, the video of Gwandian also became critically acclaimed. Richa, who sings and dances in the video looks like a complete rockstar in both her traditional and modern avatars. Not only did she sing along with the artists but also choreographed the dance steps along with the dancers and styled herself for the video.
A further remake of this song will be featured as the title ‘Gwandian Ne’ in the upcoming big budget film Housefull 4 starring Akshay Kumar. Guru Randhawa, the cousin of Zora Randhawa will recreate and sing the song.
Given the fact that the original title of Gwandian was a super hit with more than seven million views on the official music video track on YouTube, it is expected Gwandian Ne would also be a big success. It would surely shatter some records in the top charts and score millions of view and downloads.
Recreations of popular songs are always highly anticipated. The creator has to overcome the challenge of providing a transcendental product. With Gwandian Ne, the hopes are high given the profile of Guru Randhawa. This young but amazingly talented artist has already proven his mettle and therefore anticipation for him is sky high on this much-awaited song.
Houseful 4 is sure to rock the box office and Gwandian Ne has a big role to play in the success of the film. Music is the heart of Indian cinema and some titles are always more important than others. Music fan simply can’t wait anymore for the release of the track.
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